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Cafe Review | Speedos Cafe – North Bondi

Speedos Cafe ticks EVERY box if you’re looking for a fantastic brunch destination with a view… it’s tasty and totally instagrammable!

Located in the vibrant and popular area of North Bondi, Speedos isn’t simply an eating experience, you can “treat” your eyes to a view overlooking one of Sydney’s most popular beaches, North Bondi Beach – you got it, right infront of that table… So, you better grab those seats EARLY!

The menu allows for some “guilt free” indulgences without sacrificing taste. Yep, they’re healthy, fresh and many items accomodate to a variety of people: with gluten and dairy free options as well as vegan alternatives. Oh, and did i mention? Health fanatics or the meal conscious individual – high protein, almond milk and low carb options too, especially for their smoothies and shakes. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t more “tempting” options, like their pancakes, cronuts, donuts and pastries – But what cafe would deprive an individual of a good “carb fix”? Everyone has their cheat days, including me… Each to their own 😉

Needless to say, every brunch fan will have atleast heard of Speedos, or seen their amazingly alluring and tantilizing photos on Instagram and Facebook  – These guys know how to rock “the gram” , check it out @speedoscafe. I’ll let you know I’m more of a savoury person, than a sweetie. However, I do appreciate some good sweet dishes out there, and it would be bias not to atleast give them a go!

NO, I wouldn’t say I’m miraculously interesting or famous – Wouldn’t we all like to spend a day in the lives of Leonardo Di Caprio, Beyoncé or Ryan Gosling (😍) – but, I’m definitely a “character” of my own, give me a chance and you’ll see – Oh and yes, I’m one of those people who laugh at their own jokes 😅.

[ Back on topic! ]  Let’s check out the rest of their menu:

| Visit 1 |

• Caramelised Banana + Chia VEGAN Pancakes   –   $19.90

Poached berries, fig, pistachio crumble, maple syrup #vegan

| Visit 2 |

• Big Breaky (swapped the bacon for an extra sausage)   –   $19.90

Eggs, beef sausage + relish, hash browns, roasted tomato, turkish toast

• Green Goodness Bowl   –   $18.90

Poached eggs, avocado, chickpea, flax + sesame seed fritters, pepitas, vegannaise, kale crumb, leafy greens, quinoa soy sourdough toast #veganoption #gfoption

• Triple Stack Pancakes (with added Cocowhip)   –   $18.90

Berry, banana, pistachio crumble, ricotta, maple syrup #yolo #foodporn #foodgasm

| Visit 3 |

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

• Seared Salmon Fillet & Zucchini Noodles   –   $24.90

Brown rice, smashed orange vegetables, pomegranate #antioxidant #superfood #yolo #getinmybelly

• Wagyu Burger   –   $19.90

Mayo, sour cherry BBQ sauce, pickles, leaves, candied onion, brioche bun, fat chips

| Visit 4 |

• Pink Pittaya Bowl   –   $16.90

Blueberries, banana, granola, coconut, chia #antioxidants #vegetarian #dairyfree

• Wedges   –   $12.90

Sourcream, sweet chilli #sidespecial 

• Daily Special – Cronuts, Donuts and Pastries

Cronuts, muffins, croissants, pastries, chocolate, strawberries, cream

Who doesn’t like the occasional sugar fix ? Speedos Cafe 📍 North Bondi Beach

• Hear it from other foodies •

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Heaven is a place on earth with you… 🍩☕️🍓 @speedoscafe vegan brunch options kill the game in the most epic way, and this picture serves as proof 🤤 shoutout to @_tylala for being a great eating partner, always got my back 💃🏼 been vegan for 4 years and I have never looked back, the food is great (as you can see) and I've never felt more inner peace and connected with my lifestyle choices, they really resonate with my personal beliefs and I feel how I live (mostly) reflects what I want from the world. People haven't always been receptive of my choice, but times are changing and people are becoming more open minded every single day, and cafes are having more and more delicious options, and it's magic ✨💕

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• Best time to visit •

I’ve visited on several occasions: before 8am, 12noon and after 3pm. I’d say, the earlier the BETTER, especially for dine-in and breakfast – guarantees good seats without a wait (doors open 6:30am, if you’re an early bird like me!). Obviously, the peak period “brunch time” 11-1pm is the busiest! 3pm wasn’t too bad either, parking is still paid only after 8am ($7.20/hr.. Yikes, that’s the harsh reality of Bondi – my friend copped a hefty fine the other week for being 10mins over, they’re definitely vigilant, so watch out!). There are some convenient spots if you can get one in Ramsgate Avenue infront of the RSL and North Bondi Fish.

• Wait time for food •

Quite efficient and quick for menu ordered items, I think we waited about 15-20mins, which passes by easily if you’re with a friend or group of people – keep in mind there were only three of us, naturally larger groups require a little more time – Be REALISTIC brunchies! I really liked that they brought out everyone’s orders together – NO awkward “can I or should I not eat until everyone has their food” – we ALL know that dilemma haha

• The Cafe “vibe” •

Bikini’s and board shorts galore.. and if you’re lucky enough to witness some speedos too 😋 HAHA.  Speedos absolutely projects a very chilled beach summer vibe, which falls right into place considering the location and demographic.

| Speedos Cafe |

Address: 126 Ramsgate Ave, North Bondi NSW 2026

Trading Hours: 6AM-5PM Mon-Sun

Contact (ph): (02) 9365 3622

Instagram: @speedoscafe

Facebook: /speedoscafe

Visit their Website HERE!


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